SHL Talent Measurement™ solutions from CEB offer an in-depth understanding of candidate and employee behaviour, ability, performance and potential. Our innovative people assessment solutions can be embedded into your chosen recruitment process, Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or Talent Management System (TMS) (see Integrated Solutions below).

As the pioneer of predictive assessments, we have been delivering proven talent measurement solutions to companies of all sizes in every major industry segment for the past 30 years. Our sophisticated yet easy-to-use computer adaptive technology platform seamlessly integrates with 97 Talent Management Systems.

Technology Innovations

We are committed to continuous innovation, harnessing the talents of our global team to identify trends, leverage new technology, and help shape the way the corporate world can utilise people data to make better talent management decisions. Here are some examples:

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Interactive job-specific simulations virtually place job applicants in realistic settings to objectively evaluate their skills, including coaching effectiveness, ability to respond to customer inquiries, judgment in various situations, as well as speed and accuracy. More companies are using technologically advanced multimedia assessments to enhance realism, improve candidate engagement and accurately predict critical business outcomes.

Computer Adaptive Testing 

Our assessments are powered by Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT), one of the most accurate and secure methods of measuring skills and job readiness. The assessments adapt to individuals by selecting subsequent test questions based on performance on previous items. Our system precisely tailors the assessment to the test taker’s proficiency and instantly and accurately evaluates the candidate’s ability level, expediting the process and resulting in a positive applicant experience.

 Mobile Applications

Mobile talent assessment is inevitable as more people access the internet via mobile devices. The companies that leverage this trend will engage the best candidates faster. The convenience of mobile assessment tools enables positive recruitment experiences that enhance a company’s brand value. The iPQ Career Planner from CEB, the first truly science-based personality and careers assessment of its kind, is now available on iTunes as a downloadable app for iPhone and iPad. Job seekers can assess themselves and quickly generate an objective report that summarises their key skills and identifies the most suitable careers.

Rely On Global Expertise and Support When Selecting Your Technology Partner

Our time-tested implementation experience is supported by a global partner network and a 24-hour customer service centre. Contact us to find out which engagement approach is the best choice for your company. 

Choose from Flexible Engagement Approaches to Deliver Solutions to Your Talent

  • Integrated Solutions: This comprehensive enterprise implementation integrates a tailored platform into your existing systems to address your unique needs. Includes advanced options and support from our SHL Talent Measurement Consulting Team. Customer Profile: Wants to transform approach to talent management, solutions buyer, proactively tracks ROI to demonstrate value, desires tailored solution.
  • Managed Services: Outsourced solution enables candidates to complete assessments you select; we handles administration — instant delivery of easy-to-interpret results and reports.Customer Profile: Wants to leverage best practices and proven talent measurement methodologies, focused on value/price, needs quick implementation and ROI data. Find out more
  • Self Service: Start testing today. Quickly access and administer online, off-the-shelf pre-employment assessments on demand. Customer Profile: Familiar with assessments, wants to quickly and easily browse catalogue to find and administer assessments, self-sufficient, typically seeking solutions for ASAP volume recruiting or skills tests for technical professionals or administrative staff.


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What Our Clients Are Saying

CEB’s SHL Talent Measurement Solutions shares common principles and values with our organization in developing leadership skills. Their solid knowledge and experience are performed through professional services which are proven to be useful to the organization. It is with our confidence that CEB’s SHL Talent Measurement Solutions will be an excellent partner in the long run. ~Head of Management Development, Astra International