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Beiersdorf’s Leadership Talents with Care, Simplicity, Courage, and Trust Values.

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Beiersdorf is one of the prominent multinational skin care company. Globally, Beiersdorf has more than 17,000 employees and more than 160 affiliates. In cooperation with their Research & Development Center in Hamburg, Regional Development Laboratories in Mexico, China and India, Beiersdorf develops skin care products specifically tailored to local skin care needs. In many countries, Beiersdorf’s products, particularly NIVEA, are perceived as local brands.In Indonesia, Beiersdorf is focusing on Nivea and Hansaplast, which are their best products.


Graduate Recruitment – Management Trainee





Assessment Outcomes

  • Participant EngagementParticipant Engagement
  • Top 12 Graduate Talents

Talent Acquisition

Beiersdorf partnered with SHL Indonesia to acquire talents for their management trainee. The solution enabled Beiersdorf to sustain their business growth by providing the potential to be the leadership talent of tomorrow.


Fierce competition for a limited supply of work-ready graduates, makes it difficult for campus recruiting team to address the challenge

Big numbers of unsuitable prospective candidates, makes it harder to identify the right graduates for the organization.

The changing graduate talent pool that become more globally diverse, so the organization need to adjust the existing approach to the fit-to-purpose approach.



Sift out the most unsuitable candidates early in the process with online assessment. SHL online solution helps to ensure accurate assessment process.


Select in those who are most likely to perform in the role, reducing the number of candidates at the more expensive high touch stages in the recruitment process.


Compare the quality of the talents externally, against job level benchmarks.



A quicker sift and positive candidate experience with online assessment in the early process to sift out unsuitable candidates


Acquire the right candidates from a smaller pool of more suitable applicants, which assessed with SHL assessment tools


Onboarding of the high graduate talents for the management trainee program Title

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