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48% of graduate hires applied to their employer principally due to strong brand or reputation. But eventually they do not have sufficient reason to join and engage in the long run for the company.

Lack of a clear employer brand impacts the effectiveness of recruiting by hindering candidates’ ability to gauge their fit with the organisation. This poor person– organisation fit results in lower employee performance and increased attrition.

According to SHL Indonesia study, top three motivational drivers among Indonesian graduates are no longer material rewards, recognition and autonomy. What would be the key drivers for them for the time being?

Our Point of View

Graduates are the customers, employees, investors and leaders of the future. Hiring and maintaining the right graduates improves an organisation’s performance and promotes its brand.

Many HR practitioners have tried their best to work with graduates through end-to-end graduate program, starting from sourcing, recruiting, selecting, onboarding and retaining. Many companies compete each other in creating a more convenience working environment for their millennial employee. Graduate engagement to the company is likely to be the paramount.

SHL Indonesia research (2015-2017) reveals that key motivational drivers for Indonesian millennials are fear of messing up, affiliation, ease and security, and flexibility. It clearly conveys the message that a flexible working environment is not sufficient to drive our graduates in performing the desired behaviour at workplace.

Our Solutions


  • Unlocking MT potentials through mini assessment and career discussion·
  • Assessment method: OPQ (Occupational Personality Questionnaire)
  • Mentoring discussion: 2 sessions @ 1 hour session
  • Deliverables: individual report (as generated by TC platform) + individual career development map and development review by certified psychologist


  • Using group results, to provide insights on how to maximise delegates’ potential during their tenure in the program, and recommendation on how to mitigate attrition using key motivational drivers.
  • Module: identify motivational driver, involve in engaging discussion with millennials, becoming mentor/buddy, using group results.
  • Deliverables: 2-3 hours webinar

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