Leader Assessment and Development

Develop an Effective Leadership Strategy

Nearly half of all leaders who move into new roles fail to meet their objectives.

SHL Leader Assessment and Development Solution

Accelerate Leader Performance and Impact

Develop and prepare leaders for changing roles by evaluating leader attributes and experiences in the context of strategic challenges they will face. Leverage agile leadership talent processes to increase diversity, accelerate time to impact and drive performance.

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Two-thirds of leaders are not adapting quickly enough to meet their strategic or business goals.

Research-Based Approaches

Leverage SHL’s innovative, research-based approaches to create a holistic, person- or context-based view of leader readiness and fit. Proven frameworks, including SHL Leader Edge, accurately assess, benchmark and develop leaders to maximize business impact.

Featured Products

Leader Edge

Make more effective leader placement and succession decisions by leveraging the power of context.

Development Coach

Improve learning outcomes and drive time to impact through scalable, job-relevant development activities.

Enterprise Leadership

Maximize leader impact on enterprise performance by redefining leadership to encourage network capabilities and behaviors.

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