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Medco Group
MedcoEnergi is a publicly listed Indonesian oil and gas company. Its business activities include oil and gas exploration and production), drilling and rig services, electrical power generation, gas pipeline, and coal mining. It entered into the gas pipeline and distribution business in 2008, its first facility being a gas pipeline and booster compression station at Gunung Megang in South Sumatra. This facility is used to transport the gas produced from MedcoEnergi’s gas producing field, in Singa Lematang Block.


Middle to Senior Manager Level




2017 – Now

Assessment Outcomes

  • Participant EngagementParticipant Engagement
  • Management Engagement
  • Internal Mobility

Talent Audit

Medco Group partnered with SHL Indonesia to conducted a talent review to determine exactly where the talent gap lies, the potential successors, and their development needs. The solution enabled Medco Group to establish a strong leadership pipeline.


Sustain growth in a changing internal and external environment

Grow collaborative, networked leaders for today and the future

Achieve a better understanding of strengths and required development area



SHL helped Medco Group develop and validate future success job profiles for Middle Manager dan Senior Manager.


Comprehensive talent analytics as benchmarked with the peer in oil and gas industry.


SHL conducted gap analysis and group trends analysis to understand the group-level results, and the outcomes were used to identify which critical behavioral assessments would be most effective for future recruitment and employee development.


Objective view and understanding of leadership bench capabilities

Enabling more objective and accurate talent decisions

Driving improved quality of hire and retention

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