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SHLI has been talking with a lot of industry experts and leaders, about leadership and managing people. We noticed, in this fast changing world, It also demand for strong profile of futureleaders which now lays on the millennial generation. Although some generation gaps were inevitable with the previous generation, we believe that it’s aimed to challenge and grow for the better.

Millennial Hub is a special program created by SHL Indonesia to ensure that millennial have a right guidance to achieve their aspirations by their values and reach their maximum potential.

Our Professional Consultants that has numerous experience talking to high level leaders in numerous organizations will be the Coach of this program.

Our Point of View

SHL Indonesia research in the past 5 years reveals that key motivational drivers for Indonesian millennials are fear of messing up, affiliation, ease and security, and flexibility. It clearly conveys the message that a flexible working environment is not sufficient to drive in performing the desired behaviour at workplace.

At their young adulthood stage, the millennials still need some inputs from others and shape their future career goals based on realistic view of their own potentials. At workplace, they need someone to talk to, which might be a buddy or coach, as partner to reflect their selves.

SHL Indonesia believes, millenials might get the nearest help from their surroundings, which is their superior, colleagues, best buddy. But if they are inaccessible, the company shall provide the room for graduates to talk to with independent coach (consultant).

About The Program

It goes without saying that millennial embodied deep personal values and pursue for social impact. As 50% of the world population were millennial, it is safe to say the future will be led by this generation. However, we understand that it could be challenging in this transition era of leadership. We see the importance to reflect, evaluate and foresee the potential within by giving realistic insight.

We make it accessible and personalized from our professional coach/consultants to have personal discussion with you. Based on deep insight of personality preference and motivation driver.

Unlock your fullest potential with us!


  • Fresh Graduates (0-6 months working experiences)
  • Young Professional (7 months – 7 years working experiences)


  • Comprehensive view of your potential, values and tendencies in workplace
  • In-depth discussion about your career with Certified Psychologist
  • Long term community engagement


  • Individual Report Insight, capturing your Relationship with People, Thinking Style, Feelings and Emotions and Working with Others
  • Two-way discussion
  • Community through workshop/class held by SHL Indonesia with Industry Experts

Fresh Graduate

1 times 1-on-1 sessions, 1 hour:
– Personal Consultation, deeper insight on your potential, strengths and development area.

Young Professionals

2 times 1-on-1 sessions, 1 hour each:
– Session 1: Self-insight Consultation
– Session 2: Career Development Consultation

Program Activities



  • You will accept confirmation email and invoice of the program
  • Once you made payment, we will verify your application

Online Assessment and Scheduling

  • We will send you online assessment link through your email
  • You may fill it within 3 days through your PC or smartphone
  • Once you are done, we will schedule session with the coach based on your profile

Coaching Sessions

  • You will have 1-on-1 discussion with coach. It can be conducted virtually or directly with physical distancing terms.
  • 1 session will be held for 1 hours.

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