Success Stories

PGN establishes strong leadership pipeline through heart.

PGN is the largest natural gas transportation and distribution company in Indonesia. The total length of distribution pipelines of the company is 3,187 km that serve around 84 million customers. PGN has been transporting and distributing gas in Indonesia for more than a century and half, bringing vital energy for power generation, and industrial, commercial, and household use.


Middle to Senior Management




2016 & 2018

Assessment Outcomes

  • Participant EngagementParticipant Engagement
  • Manager Engagement
  • Internal Mobility

Talent Audit

PGN partnered with SHL Indonesia to identify their talent at middle to senior management level. The solution enabled PGN to establish a strong leadership pipeline, especially for State Owned Enterprise (BUMN) senior executive talents.


Secure a strong leadership pipeline, align with the agenda to become a world class energy gas company in 2020

Senior management involvement in developing internal leadership pipeline

Less engagement of candidates in their own personal development



Competency profiling via assessment centre. Personality questionnaires linked to leadership competencies for further benchmark with market.


Interactive feedback session to engage candidates with his/her future development.


Organisational leadership talent analytics, as benchmarked with peer.


Focused leadership development plan, organisation wide

More than 90% attendance to feedback session

Engagement of all senior team at VP level to discuss result and development plan

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