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Maximise the Potential SKK Migas Talent Pool

Satuan Kerja Khusus Pelaksana Kegiatan Usaha Hulu Minyak dan Gas Bumi (SKK Migas)

SKK Migas is an institution established by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia under Presidential Regulation no. 9 of 2013 on Management of Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities. SKK Migas is assigned to manage the upstream oil and gas business activities under a Cooperation Contract. The purpose of this institution establishment is to generate maximum benefit and revenue from the exploitation of the state’s oil and gas natural resources for the greatest welfare of the Indonesian citizen.


Talent Audit – Staff Level





Assessment Outcomes

  • Participant EngagementParticipant Engagement
  • Management Engagement
  • Internal Mobility

Talent Audit

SKK Migas partnered with SHL Indonesia to identify their talents at staff and secretariat level. The comprehensive solution from SHL Indonesia enabled SKK Migas to obtain comprehensive representation of their competent and potential talents.


Massive number of candidates must be provided by suitable communication strategies to enable the assessment implementation effectively.

Provide comprehensive solution to manage the impression of assessment to be a development opportunity for the candidate.



Competency profiling with assessment centre method. The result from personality questionnaires utilized for benchmarking the competencies to the talent market.


Interactive feedback session to engage candidates for their future career development


Comprehensive talent analytics as benchmarked with the peer in oil and gas industry.


Focused on candidates development based on recommendation

Engagement of candidates on interactive feedback session

Engagement of senior management team on talent analytics and development plan discussion

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