Succession Planning

Build Effective Talent Pipelines

Only 28% of leadership roles are currently filled by successors.

SHL Succession Planning Solution

Prepare Future Leaders for Impact

Create a deep bench of diverse leadership talent by effectively predicting leader potential for success within the context of your specific business challenges. Leverage objective people insight to accelerate leader development and ensure readiness for impact.

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58% of organizations do not currently use objective assessments for succession planning.

Context-Based Approach

Effective succession strategies evaluate leadership talent against the dynamic contextual challenges that they will face in the role. SHL Leader Edge identifies 27 contextual leadership challenges that matter most in determining leader performance—and can predict which leaders are more likely to be successful given each challenge.

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Leader Edge

Make more effective leader placement and succession decisions by leveraging the power of context.

Development Coach

Improve learning outcomes and drive time to impact through scalable, job-relevant development activities.

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