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Go Virtual and Identify Potential Around the World Faster


Traditional assessment and development centers don’t always put people first. Long flights for candidates, scheduling nightmares for assessors and expensive logistics hit your wallet and the planet. It can also be an admin-heavy and slow way to get results. In SHL Indonesia we believe that the future of assessment and development center is a virtual one.

In this time of pandemic, where we have to be able to maintain our distance and physical contact will make us difficult to do our job, including Assessment & Development Center. With the Virtual Assessment & Development Center, it will help you to find the best talent without having to risk their safety or health condition and maintaining the process and get the accurate results.

What is Virtual Assessment & Development Centers?

SHL’s virtual assessment and development center is a game-changer: a greener, virtual solution to the challenge of finding the talent that might one day lead your business. We will be able to always puts your assessors in the same room as candidates and employees – even if they’re on the other side of the world. And SHL’s Virtual Assessment & Development Centers has been included in a Bahasa Indonesia to help you assess your best talent. We also provide candidates with an exclusive Landing Page of VADC that they could access in order to help preparing themselves before doing the VADC (Virtual Assessment Guide).

SHL’s Virtual Assessment & Development Center has been proven in helping many of our clients from various industry, starting from financial services to oil and mining, to help them in finding and developing their talent from various level position.

SHL Receives 2020 HR Tech Award for Best Innovative Tech Solution

Traditional VS Virtual Assessment Development Center
Traditional Virtual
  • Face 2 Face Interaction • Face 2 Face Interaction
  • The working document will be in a form of paper, letter, memo and any other hardcopy documents
  • Candidates need to write down the work on the paper or type in a digital document
  • The succession of the process will depend on the physical infrastructure (room or the equipment)
  • The instruction of the assessment process will be displayed and explained by the team on the site
  • Any helps needed by the candidate can be accessed on the site
  • There’s a limit to the case that can be handled by assessor every day, due to the needs of their presence on the site
  • The situation under direct supervision will make candidates be more serious in doing the assessment
  • Interaction is done virtually through SHL integrated platform• Interaction is done virtually through SHL integrated platform
  • The working document will be presented in a form of email, where candidates need to respond the email and analyze the problem from it
  • Candidates need to upload the work to the platform (document hub) and reply the email
  • The succession of the process will depend on the readiness of the technology infrastructure and the digital readiness of the candidates
  • The instruction of the assessment process will be displayed in many form (video, text, audio)
  • Any helps needed by the candidate can be found at the FAQ section on the platform or contact helpdesk for immediate assistant
  • Assessor might be able to take more assessment since it can be done anywhere
  • The candidate will have to do the assessment unsupervised, yet still have to be serious and don’t cheat



Uncover talent, anywhere, fast

Simply the quickest way to identify potential we’ve ever developed.

Free your assessors to do what they do best

A streamlined, configurable digital process that’s completely people-focused.

A more inclusive, greener solution

Assessments when and where they work for the candidate, with no more needless flights.

For The Candidate

A comfortable, ready-to-go environment.

1-2-1 live interaction with an assessor. No awkward waiting room silences and no delay in identifying potential.


Bye-bye pen and paper, hello virtual.

Let people demonstrate ability with applications they use in the real world and provide a superior participant experience.


The inclusive experience.

Assessments can be taken at your people’s convenience, with no exclusions by inability to travel. Power to your people.

For The Businesses

Save on time, cash and emissions.

Why fly around the world when you can run assessment centers virtually? Healthier for your wallet, your time and the planet.


Modular assessment that delivers real outcomes.

Configure assessments exactly how you need them without compromising on predictive power. Our numbers speak louder than words.


To infinity and beyond.

Deliver at scale to an unlimited number of people, wherever they are based. We deploy in weeks.

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