In todays’s fast-paced world, time and space are scarce, take full advantage of our technology-based assessment.

SHL and Technology Utilisation in Psychometric Assessment

Since pioneering online assessment in the late 1990’s, online usage of SHL products has accelerated rapidly. Usage now exceeds three million online SHL assessments each year. Our aim is to ensure clients have access to the highest quality assessment services directly from a web-based delivery system, 24/7 across the world. To maintain peak system performance and the best user and candidate experience, we have invested significantly in our online technology.

SHL Online Assessment Unique Selling Preposition

Our system is designed to be simple to use and a one stop shop for waht the client needs.

  • Provides organisations with a high-quality means of administering psychometric assessments over the Internet.
  • Combines SHL’s world-leading psychometric assessment expertise with the power of the Internet to provide a fast, effective and secure assessment platform
  • Makes assessment more convenient and flexible for candidates, and allows HR professionals to arrange assessments as and when they need them
  • Is available 24/7, and can be used with candidate pools of all sizes
  • Has an interface in an extensive range of languages, making it ideal for standardised international online assessment programmes

Mobile Enablement 

We are building TalentCentral so it is reflective of the massive rise in the use of mobile devices and we are already seeing a lot of usage via mobiles.

  • Administrator can set up projects on their mobile.
  • Candidates can take non-timed tests on mobiles.

System Capability

  • 10,000 users can be supported concurrently
  • 8,000 assessments can be delivered per hour
  • Reports can be turned around in an average of 60 seconds
  • 5,500 reports can be produced per hour
  • A new client system can be set up within hours
  • State-of-the-art secure data storage
  • Candidates can use the system in any of 30 languages, including Bahasa Indonesia, Arabic and Chinese
  • Free self-service system e-learning

HR Insight

How To Choose Good [Online] Assessment?

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