SHL Graduate Hiring

Identify Future Talent to Drive Success

Attract and engage a dynamic pool of diverse, early career talent with the potential to succeed and grow within your organization. Understand candidates’ capability and motivation to succeed in the future as roles and business strategies evolve.

5 in 6 hiring managers think graduates they hire lack the right knowledge and skills.

Optimize Your Recruitment Investment

Showcase your organization to candidates via a compelling candidate experience.

Engage and win over candidates in a competitive recruitment market.

Leverage objective insights to predict potential for growth and impact.

Benchmark talent to inform strategy and prioritize development actions.

Why SHL?

organizations worldwide trust SHL for smarter talent decisions.

data points to support benchmarking and predictive decision-making.

more likely to be rated “excellent” by managers after 6 months in the role.

Transform Your Hiring Decisions

With SHL, engage, delight, and hire top-quality, diverse talent ready to drive your success.