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SHL Solutions Create Competitive Advantage

Talent Acquisition

Attract and hire diverse talent to build a high-performing workforce, with the broadest suite of talent acquisition solutions.

Graduate Hiring

Elevate your graduate hiring program to attract and hire diverse and high-potential graduates.

Volume Hiring

Engage more candidates in less time, while delighting them with a personalized experience.

Technology Hiring

University Recruiting, Talent Acquisition, and Software Engineering leaders rely on SHL’s technical assessment and interviewing platforms to quickly hire the right technical talent.

Manager Hiring

Quickly and objectively assess your candidates with deep onboarding insights.

Talent Management

Increase the accuracy and speed of talent management decisions using one platform of assessments and real-time talent insights.


A single solution to bring objectivity to all your talent management decisions, across the entire employee lifecycle.

Competency Fit

Discover the competencies and alignment of individuals, teams, and your entire organization.

High Potential Identification

Discover those with the ability, aspiration, and engagement to be your next leaders.

Enterprise Leader Development

Identify transactional, transformational, and network strengths to fast-track the development of your leaders.

Sales Tranformation

Determine whether your sales teams and management can thrive in a digital sales environment.

Succesion Planning

Build deep succession pipelines that flex as your context changes.




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