SHL Manager Selection

Secure High-Potential Managerial Talent

Identify talent with the critical capabilities and motivation to transition successfully into managerial-level roles. Understand which candidates have the potential to build and lead high performing teams and drive business results within a rapidly evolving business environment.

5% of the workforce per year leave their organizations because of bad managers.

Make Confident Selection Decisions

Engage and win over candidates in a competitive recruitment market.

Leverage objective data and insights to predict the potential for manager success.

Understand fit to your organizational culture and values.

Inform on-boarding priorities and manager development plans.

Hire and develop effective managers with SHL


Employees who say they'd refuse a 10% raise to stay with a great boss


Increase in employee performance when managers provide targeted coaching and feedback


Employees who say they’d go above and beyond if they have a good manager

Transform Your Hiring Decisions

With SHL, engage, delight, and hire top-quality, diverse talent ready to drive your success.