Talent Acquisition

Hire diverse talent to build a high-performing workforce with SHL’s unique blend of science, technology and experiences.

Attract and hire diverse talent to build a high-performing workforce, with the broadest suite of talent acquisition solutions.

Our Solution

Whatever the role you are hiring, SHL has the right solution to help you make wise hiring decisions.

Graduate Hiring

Elevate your graduate hiring program to attract and hire diverse and high-potential graduates.

Volume Hiring

Engage more candidates in less time, while delighting them with a personalized experience.

Technology Hiring

University Recruiting, Talent Acquisition, and Software Engineering leaders rely on SHL’s technical assessment and interviewing platforms to quickly hire the right technical talent.

Manager Selection

Quickly and objectively assess your candidates with deep onboarding insights.

Make wise people decisions with Talent Acquisition solutions.

Drive true diversity with your hiring decisions.


Percentage of female engineers Bombardier was able to hire from a 20% female applicant pool.

Boost candidate engagement.


Percentage of candidates naming SHL's education client their #1 choice after taking our branded assessments.

Accelerate your hiring process.


Reduced time-to-hire for a global technology giant utilizing SHL’s AI-powered virtual hiring tools.