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In today’s dynamic global economy, the only constant is change. Key trends like digital transformation have forced organizations to change their talent acquisition strategies. Yet few companies have successfully implemented selection approaches that deliver business results and keep up with the pace of change or increasing candidate expectations.

1 in 5 new hires are regretted decisions and

1 in 3 new hires regret joining and plan to leave

Introducing SHL Talent Acquisition Solutions

SHL Talent Acquisition Solutions enable organizations to identify best-fit talent efficiently and effectively through an engaging candidate experience. We help businesses select those candidates most likely to perform now and adapt to changing business objectives in the future.

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People Insights to Predict and Drive Performance


Entry Level Hire

Select and Hire Best‑Fit Talent

Graduate Hire

Attract Next-Generation Top Talent

Professional Hire

Recruit and Retain Critical Talent

Managerial Hire

Unlock Management Potential



Improve Efficiency

Improve efficiency with our predictive assessment solutions and configurable reports that integrate seamlessly with your ATS.


Improve Outcomes

Improve selection decisions and drive business results by understanding candidate potential for success now and in the future.


Engage Candidates

Create an engaging, candidate-centric experience that empowers candidates and enhances your employer brand.

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