SHL Technology Hiring

Assess, Interview, and Hire the Right Software Developers

Confidently hire technical talent, faster. SHL Technology Hiring saves time for technical recruiters and developers by streamlining coding tests, soft skills assessments, and technical interviews.

Candidates assessed by SHL are 3x more likely to be rated as “excellent” 6 months post-hire.

Technical Assessment and Interviews, Simplified

Technical recruiting processes don’t have to be complex and costly. Our experts work with your team to design technical hiring processes for each role, including selecting the right questions and optimizing how they are scored. See SHL Technology Hiring in action.

Transform Your Technology Hiring with SHL


Diversity hiring goal achieved by a leading services organization using SHL’s fair, objective assessments.

Increased number of candidates assessed by the world’s largest technology company using SHL Technology Hiring.


Reduction in the time to hire for one global technology company by utilizing SHL.

Transform Your Hiring Decisions

With SHL, engage, delight, and hire top-quality, diverse talent ready to drive your success.