SHL Mobilize

Talent Analytics Shouldn’t Be Difficult

Discover the power of actionable insights at your fingertips with SHL Mobilize.

Bring real-time data and talent analytics to all your people decisions.

Take control of your people strategy.

Make the best possible people decisions with world-leading science and talent analytics.

Assess Employees

Reusable People Data for Workforce Planning

Gather talent data at any frequency, time and level. Utilize assessment data from successful incoming candidates, from ad hoc personal development initiatives, or from scheduled company-wide projects.

Immediate Insights

Real-time Workforce Analytics

One source of talent data to support all your talent management decisions across evolving business contexts. Actionable insights are delivered in easy-to-interpret workforce analytics dashboards.

Personalized Experience

Inspire and Enable Growth

Drive employee engagement and align their development to business strategy. Automated, personalized reports put impactful and targeted development in the hands of your employees.

Delivering Targeted Business Improvements

Transform your workforce with objective and accurate talent analytics.

Build Bench Strength

more likely to identify high performing leaders.

Deliver Commercial Sustainability


higher employee engagement is achieved after role alignment.

Promote Fairness and Diversity


of high-fit prospective leaders are women.

Data and Talent Analytics for Your People Strategy

SHL is transforming talent management with people science and workforce analytics. Bringing objectivity and accuracy to every talent decision.