Sales Transformation Insights

Boost Sales Performance with the Right Sellers in the Right Place

Building a winning sales team takes science. Take control of your sales transformation strategy with SHL.

Determine whether your sales teams and management can thrive in a digital sales environment.

Drive Sales Performance with SHL

Discover if your sales teams and leaders have what it takes to succeed, and use data to ensure you get the right sellers in the right place, at the right time.

Assess Employees

Fairly Review Your Sales Talent

Measure the sales competencies critical for success, using SHL’s validated Sales Transformation science. Use data collected from assessments to hire, develop and promote those with the behavioral profile to be your top sellers.

Immediate Insights

Real-time Talent Insights

Expertly inform your development strategy, with immediate actionable insights into the sales competencies of individuals, leaders, and teams.

Personalized Experience

Target Development

Increase revenue and employee engagement with automated personalized development reports, putting targeted development in your employees’ hands.

Take Control of Your Sales Transformation Strategy with SHL

Hit Targets

increased likelihood of meeting quotas when teams are guided by SHL’s insights.

Deliver Growth


increased likelihood sellers exceed targets when talent management is aligned to business strategy.

Find Great Sellers


more likely to receive top sales performance ratings if an individual is recommended through SHL solutions.

Use People Insights to Boost Sales Performance

SHL is transforming sales teams with people science and analytics. Bringing objectivity and accuracy to every talent decision.