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We help you leverage the power of people intelligence by teaching you how to successfully apply the world’s best personality and ability assessments.

Our Course Offerings

Assessor Skill Course

Obtain SHL Assessor Skill Global Certification


This course suitable for HR professionals and line managers who are to act as assessors or observers at assessment or development centers.

This certification course provides practical and comprehensive training in how to assess a range of simulation exercises – including role plays, group exercises, analysis presentations and in-tray exercises. Integrate results from a variety of assessment methods to support decision-making.

Learning Journey:

  • Pre courses: Self-learning
  • Virtual in class session: 2 days (@3.5 hours)

Certification: SHL Assessor Global Certification

Competency Based Interview Course

Obtain SHL Interview Skill Certification


This course is ideal everyone who need to sharpen the skills in formulating and sharpening questions and applying Competency-Based Interviewing (CBI) effectively in their organizations.

Asking powerful questions, probing and building conclusions will be an added value to skill to everyone in leading and making decisions.

Learning Journey:

  • Pre courses: self-learning
  • Virtual in class session: 2 days (@3.5 hours)

Training Objectives:

  • Recruiter: allows you to focus on finding similar behaviors deemed to make the candidate successful in the target role regardless of knowledge, skills, and demographics.
  • HR Practitioner/Line Manager: help to predict employee’s future behavior. Helps company to understand how an employee shall react to the given situation.

Certification: SHL Competency based Interview Global Certification

Feedback Skill Course

Enhance Your Talent Development Initiative


This course is ideal for experienced line managers and HR specialists who need to implement and facilitate development discussion with subordinates/employees, using any assessment results. You will get expert tips and advice on how to effectively prepare for feedback discussion using assessment results.

Learning Journey:

  • Pre courses: Self-learning
  • Virtual in class session: 2 days (@3.5 hours)

Course Benefit:

  • Provide an overview about your employee’s strength and development areas to help organization identify necessary talent development program.
  • Giving an employee recognition as organization valuable asset(s).
  • Help HR pratitioner to communicate assessment results to user, especially for sensitive assessment results. And also integrate the assessment findings with individual development plans.

Certification: SHL Feedback Skills Certification

Personality and Ability Assessment Course

Improve Your Talent Decisions


The Personality and Ability Assessment (PAA) course is a great way to start your psychometrics journey. The course has been carefully designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge to make the right people decisions within your organization.

Upon successful completion of this training, you will be able to predict talent potent ial and fit by using the worldleading OPQ and award-winning SHL Verify Interactive ability suite. You will be certified to administer, to interpret and to provide feedback on ability tests and personality assessments.

Learning Journey:

  • Pre courses: Self-learning
  • Virtual in class session: 4 days (@3.5 hours)

Course Objective

  • Equip yourself with the skills and knowledge to make better people decisions. Predict talent potential and fit with award-winning tools.
  • Interactive, engaging experience plus new modules covering the latest innovations in talent assessment, analytics and assessment strategy.

Certification: SHL Global Certification Personality and Ability Assessment Course (Equal to British Psychological Society Accreditation)

Development Workshop

Organizational / People / Functional Development


This course is provided by the demand to continue the assessment process with proper development with impact to personal or organizational level. Topics are around leadership, personal insights or specific topics within the context of organizations. This is a great way to integrate results from a variety of assessment methods to support decision-making and engagement with your stakeholders right away.